Primavera School is not like most other schools. It is a special place where one learns to value his or her gifts, to develop healthy self-esteem, and to love learning.

Children are respected, and teachers create a learning environment that can actualize each child’s potential.

The Primavera Difference

What sets us apart?

  • A safe, peaceful, natural environment that lends itself to learning.
  • Small classes and lots of individual attention.
  • Developmental, hands-on, engaging curriculum.
  • Beautiful playground and new “Field of Dreams.”
  • Foreign language instruction (French, Spanish, & Sign language) at all levels.
  • Diverse P.E. curriculum.
  • Field Trips from Kindergarten through 6th grade (including overnight and extended stay outings to Catalina Island and the Grand Canyon.
  • Opportunities for parental involvement at many levels.
  • A community of learners, families, and teachers who share a passion for high quality education.
  • A gifted, talented, experienced, and caring staff that supports children and families.
  • Environmental education that focuses on recycling and self-sustaining practices for the future such as our “Community Garden.”
  • Thematic, integrated curriculum with many multi-age components.
  • Afterschool programs and clubs on site.
  • Authentic assessment. No state or standardized testing.
  • Scholarship assistance available.