The Arizona State Tax Credit initiative that began in 1999 is an opportunity for Arizona taxpayers to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for a donation to a private school. Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit Law allows taxpayers to redirect state income taxes they owe towards scholarships for students attending private K-12 schools through tax credit donations to qualified School Tuition Organizations (STO).

The Orme School in Mayer, Arizona joined forces with Primavera School to form a school tuition organization—the Orme Primavera Schools Foundation—to accept these tax credit donations on behalf of the two private schools. Our STO uses this tax credit annually to support many qualified students at both Primavera School and the Orme School each year.

For the tax year 2020, married couples filing jointly may contribute up to $1,186 and single taxpayers may donate up to $593.

After contributing the maximum amount for the original tax credit, you may also contribute a PLUS/Switcher tax credit.  The married couples filing jointly may contribute an additional $1,179, and single filers may contribute an additional $590 for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. The state allows you to make the tax credit donations to private schools up until April 15th for the state tax credit on the previous year’s tax return.

Tax Credits

It costs you nothing, and gives you a say in how your tax dollars are being spent.

It is critical that Primavera School maintain its level of scholarship assistance for deserving students! Without your help, we will not be able to help as many students as we would like to in the future.

Over 75% of our K-5th students currently receive some financial help. We appreciate your consideration.

Download the scholarship application

For the tax year, 2020, donors must first meet the $1,186 (married) or $593 (single) Original Tax Credit Program maximum in order to claim the PLUS tax credit.

Married taxpayers can donate an additional $1,179 and single taxpayers can donate an additional $590, all for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit from the state of Arizona.

With these increased maximum tax credit donations, we will have even more scholarship support for Orme and Primavera students!

A Primavera grandparent writes, “It is difficult to find the words to express our gratitude for giving my grandchild a scholarship! We have experienced a miracle in her behavior because she is thriving at Primavera. I don’t even want to think of what a different path we might have traveled in a different school setting. Thank you, Primavera, for making a difference in our lives.”

Make your tax credit donation to Primavera!

To make your tax credit donation to Primavera, please go to the web site at and make your tax credit donations (both the original and the PLUS credit) to Primavera School TODAY!

You may also write a check or request a brochure from Primavera School at 445-5382. Ask for Carol. On behalf of the students at Primavera who benefit from your generous support, thank you very much.

A School Tuition Organization cannot award, restrict, or reserve scholarships solely on the basis of donor recommendation. A taxpayer may not claim a tax credit if the taxpayer agrees to swap donations with another taxpayer to benefit either taxpayer’s own dependent.

Download the Orme-Primavera donation form

Today Primavera School continues to prepare children for the future as life-long learners by encouraging high academic standards across a progressive curriculum within a small classroom setting.