“… an oasis for children …”

“Primavera is an oasis for children to nourish their emotional as well as their intellectual development.”

Annabelle Nelson, Ph.D
Professor, Prescott College


“It’s exciting!”

“I have worked in education for 33 years. Primavera is the first place I have been where children are so actively involved in their own learning. It’s exciting!”

Kathy Wingert
Former Elementary principal and part-time teacher at Primavera


“… a charmed place.”

“Primavera is a charmed place. It is not a place seeking perfection, but rather, humanity and the collective dream of our childrens’ future. Primavera was a place where our children learned to respect themselves, their peers, and their teachers. They learned the discipline and joys of learning. It was a place of profound optimism. I always felt more hopeful about life and my children’s future after a visit with their teachers. It was a place of enchantment, too. The children knew that this school was theirs, parents were only visitors.”

Charles Lyon
Former parent at Primavera School


“… what makes Primavera so special …”

“I think what makes Primavera so special is the wonderful parent participation and support. I have never seen that anywhere else.”

Barbara Scott
Former Primavera teacher


“… education and friendship …”

“Learning is the bubble that holds it all together.”

Amelia Ehrlich
4th grade student

What People Say

“…so many fulfilling days and precious moments.”

“I thought I appreciated the teaching/community opportunity when I was there. . .but my gratefulness for those years only grows with time as I continue searching for an environment so rich. Love to all the penguin community–you are dear to me as are the memories that keep bubbling up to remind me of so many fulfilling days and precious moments. ”

Lynne King
Former Primavera Teacher


“Primavera opened many doors …”

“Primavera opened many doors and gave way to a multitude of opportunities for which I am forever grateful. I continue to excel academically and socially. I hope that you and your child will come to know and take advantage of the Primavera Difference.”

Ben Schild
Former student at Primavera


“Thanks to all of you at Primavera!”

“Thanks to Primavera School, Andrew tested in to All Saints Episcopal School in Phoenix and is doing very well! He is now in sixth grade and has made honor roll every semester so far! His foundation at Primavera prepared him well for the rigorous academic standards of middle school. Andrew flourished at Primavera and became a confident leader which has carried forward to his new school as well. His early years at Primavera created a love for learning, exposure to the arts, theater, culture, the environment, a variety of sports, and the diversity of life.”

Justin and Angela Scott
Parents of two Primavera students


“Our most treasured memory …”

“Our most treasured memory of Primavera School was the day of our daughter’s graduation. We all had love and tears beaming from within us, teachers and friends as well, and knowing she was ready and well prepared, we found ourselves flashing back on the years spent with life long friends, caring and loving teachers who became our family, and the safe happy and accepting environment that felt like home.

Then we realized what a well adjusted, caring and confident young girl our daughter had become and that Primavera had given her those early educational years of learning and development that would be a part of her long into the future. She wasn’t leaving Primavera; she was taking Primavera with her!

Gary and Roberta Benjamin
Parents of two Primavera students


“… the best teacher he ever had.”

“Our oldest son, a senior in high school, still considers Pam Brown the best teacher he ever had. He took high school algebra as an 8th grader and is taking advanced placement calculus as a senior. He credits Pam with his success in math because of the logic and thinking skills she taught him in his years at Primavera.”

Tammy and Nick Malouff
Parents of three Primavera students


“The reason I love Primavera”

“Being in an environment like Primavera has helped me to build relationships with some of the best people I know.  I will always have these friendships because of going here.  I can’t say thank you enough.”

Ananise Toth
6th grade student