• Encouraging Exploration

    “Primavera’s setting and grounds reflect the belief that children learn best in an environment which encourages exploration and is peaceful to the mind as well as the eye. “

  • A diverse learning community

    Primavera School provides a diverse learning community

  • Small Classroom Setting

    Primavera maintains a small classroom setting with a maximum of 16 students per class.

  • Tolerance and respect

    Primavera School promotes tolerance, respect, and sensitivity to differences.

  • High quality early education

    “High quality early education in the foundational years is the most reliable predictor of adult competence and social adjustment.”

  • An Integrated Curriculum

    Primavera embraces a “whole-child”, integrated curriculum for all students.

  • High Academic Standards

    Primavera students have high academic standards which encourages individuals to reach their potential.

  • Confident Problem-solvers

    Confident problem-solvers, leaders, mentors, and team players are valued members of the community.

  • Highly Skilled Teachers

    “Our teachers are highly skilled, caring people with years of experience and expertise in early childhood education.”